Create a greener planet by using energy efficient phones

green phones

We change our cell phones almost every year. How many of us really think of picking up a recycled phone or using a phone that has been used by a friend or relative.

A number of electronics including cell phones contain harmful substances. For example a mobile phone is made up of PVC, phthalates, zinc, lead and arsenic. These materials are toxic and contaminate the landfill. Reusing prevents these toxins from leaching the ground and the water supply.

Major cell phone manufacturers have introduced greener phones. For example Nokia has introduced phones free of PVC and also manufactured phones without toxic flame retardants. LG removed beryllium from its phones but these are few and not many takers for these.

Not wanting to use a used phone and still want a new one? There are numerous other ways to go green with a phone:

Smart phones  are multifunctional and eliminate the need to own a number of gadgets. If you use your Smartphone to take pictures, listen to music, browse the web, make videos, and even tell the time, then you are contributing your bit for a greener world.

In addition there are a number of apps available that you can download for more energy efficient phones. These applications reduce the amount of energy required to use the phone. They also stop the phone from charging on a full battery.

Here are some tips for creating an energy efficient lifestyle:

  • Unplug the charger when the phone is not in use. Even if the phone is plugged in, it continues to draw energy from the switch board.
  • Most smart phones have a GPS capability. Use the phone GPS when on the move. While travelling also go in for a global sim card. Use an AussieSim  card to reduce unnecessary roaming charges and reduce energy consumption along with unnecessary travel charges.
  • Use the phone for multi applications. Set the phone alarm instead of using an alarm clock. Use the phone’s backlight when you need light at night. Use the phone to read the news – you save paper. Use the pad to make lists – you save more paper.
  • Shut the phone entirely when it is not in use. For example flights, movies etc. Setting it on a vibrate mode uses battery. You can skip calls as the text messages and mails come in later.
  • Don’t buy a new phone until you need it. Recycle your old phone when you do.

Try only a few of these to begin with and you will find that over time incorporating all these within your lifestyle is not as daunting as it looks.



Seven efficient ways to reduce debt

credit card debt


Pay a little more than the minimum amount due

If you cannot afford it then do not buy it. Live within your means. It is the most important step towards paying off the debt.

Add to your income

We all have items that we have outgrown or do not use. Try selling these on ebay or craiglist. Additional dollars obtained for these can go in clearing the credit card debt.

Use a debit card or Cash

Using a debit card or using cash to make purchases allows you to live within your means. It is the toughest thing to do but you only spend as much as you can afford. Leave the credit card at home. If you don’t have it on you, you will not be tempted to make the frivolous purchase that you may regret later.

Consider Debt Consolidation

Get in touch with a credit counsellor who can work out a solution as per your requirement. A debt management plan  consolidates your entire unsecured debt. You make a single monthly payment – not to all the credit card companies but to a single debt relief company. Companies like  help work out a debt consolidation plan to suit individual needs for loan repayment.

Consider Debt Settlement

A debt settlement plan is used when you are considering bankruptcy. The debt relief provider approaches your creditors with an offer to settle your accounts for a portion of the amount owed.

There are tools you can use to help negotiate your debt on your own. Whether you negotiate it yourself or use a third party, the IRS considers forgiven debt to be taxable income.

Ask for interest elimination

Most credit card debts work on an interest payment. Write to the credit card company and see if you can get the interest eliminated  or reduced. If the company can freeze the account so that you do not incur any charges on it you can pay off the debt over time.

Balance transfer cards

Balance transfer credit cards are used to move unsecured, high-interest debt to a credit card with a zero percent interest promotional period. This promotional period can be anything between 6 to 8 months. You need to be consistent in paying off the debt. Do not ignore the payment during the promotional period.

With a little effort and management it is possible to clear even long standing debts. Consistency in efforts is all that is required.

Interesting sleeve tattoos

sleeve tattoo

Tattoos seem to be an acceptable social norm these days. You do not have to live with a tattoo. A tattoo can be removed with laser technology if you happen to outgrow it. Check out Melbourne Tatt Removal for a pain free method of removing black and even colored tattoos.

There is no end to where a tattoo can be placed. Sleeve tattoos seem to be gaining popularity. A sleeve tattoo is a tattoo design that goes on your arm like a shirt sleeve.

There are full sleeves, half sleeves, and even quarter sleeves. A complete sleeve tattoo covers the entire arm right from the shoulder to the wrist.   A half sleeve goes from shoulder to elbow and a quarter typically goes from wrist around the centre of the forearm.

Once you decide on the area to cover you move to the next step. What design. Be very sure of the design and the color you select. You will be living with this for some time. Think of what you want the tattoo to represent – some aspect of your personality, some place, some object.

Don’t just search for tattoos and copy something. You can check some really cool sleeve tattoo designs . Check out a complete range of sleeve tattoos that are original and done by people ranging from amateur tattoo designers, to the most proficient and smart tattoo designers.

However think over the design that you have liked and why have you liked it. Now vary it as per your requirement.  Combine most of the different designs as a source and ask a professional tattoo artist to develop the last design.

Find someone who will not just copy and paste a design but will take some time to look at your designs and your ideas and utilize them into your final tattoo design. Make your design unique.  Establish a rapport with the tattoo artist  so he understands what you want. You definitely will end up with a much better tattoo design.

You can also design your own tattoo. Just use a pencil to draw your design on tracing paper or parchment paper.  Once the tracing is there just color in thoroughly using a gel pen. The free-flowing ink in gel pens will transfer readily from the paper to your skin once the design is in place. Once the color is done, gently remove the paper and let the tattoo air dry as much as possible.


Either way go ahead and get the tattoo you want.